Chris Mortimer

VFX Supervisor


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About me

Highly accomplished Supervisor - with a substantial and broad history in film, TV drama (show side and post side) and Content - focusing now on VFX prep, shoot and post supervision for advertising and content worldwide.

Substantial experience with the most complex integration of CGI, scale model, DMP, SFX and live action performance - expert in creating the most appropriate route to suit the narrative, production constraints and budget.

Initial involvement during prep produces the best results for both production and post - in terms of creative and tech decisions, which feeds into production and post planning and budgeting. However, projects can sometimes be won late in the day - I’m happy to be sent a script alongside a plane ticket and will gladly pickup the responsibility from there.

In brief - I have 20+ years experience in VFX & Editorial post production and VFX Supervision. Significant roles have included Editor, VFX artist, VFX department head and VFX Supervisor (show side and post side). My diverse knowledge and experience spans tv drama production supervision, independent film, countless content TV spots, TVC’s, music videos, title sequences, tv comedy, mainstream channel branding and idents.



I began in the industry at film camera rental company Joe Dunton Cameras - working in the 'video' department which supplied feature film and commercials shoots. I was JDC's location film projectionist too - a highlight was showing dailies for James Cameron’s 'Aliens'.

After a brief spell training at college I began in Soho London as an Edit Assistant, working my way to Editor/VFX Artist at Framestore - as the digital world took over from the analogue. At that time, if you showed ability you got the job - so I worked on a broad range of genres across vfx/editorial/design: Content, Comedy ( eg Spitting Image), Music Videos, Channel Branding, Idents and Title Sequences. I was lead 2D artist and adviser on the pilot for 'Walking with Dinosaurs'. During this time digital VFX in post production was in its infancy; we were all learning as the software wasn't the complete tool set it is now, so problem solving and innovation were core skills.

Much later, as a Senior VFX Supervisor and Flame Artist I managed a succession of VFX Departments in boutique post companies, bringing in business, advising clients, attending shoots, empowering artists and mentoring juniors. I am credited on many TV Dramas and several independent films.


9 years ago I found a drama agent (Sara Putt - I was Sara’s first VFX client), and became an independent VFX Supervisor for TV Drama and Advertising. Two years ago I decided to focus solely on Advertising and Digital content.

I am available worldwide.



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