I began in the industry at film camera rental company Joe Dunton Cameras - working in the 'video' department which supplied feature film and commercials shoots. I was JDC's location film projectionist too - a highlight was showing dailies for James Cameron’s 'Aliens'.

After a brief spell training at college I began in Soho London as an Edit Assistant, working my way to Editor/VFX Artist at Framestore - as the digital world took over from the analogue. At that time, if you showed ability you got the job - so I worked on a broad range of genres across vfx/editorial/design: Content, Comedy ( eg Spitting Image), Music Videos, Channel Branding, Idents and Title Sequences. I was lead 2D artist and adviser on the pilot for 'Walking with Dinosaurs'. During this time digital VFX in post production was in its infancy; we were all learning as the software wasn't the complete tool set it is now, so problem solving and innovation were core skills.

Much later, as a Senior VFX Supervisor and Flame Artist I managed a succession of VFX Departments in boutique post companies, bringing in business, advising clients, attending shoots, empowering artists and mentoring juniors. I am credited on many TV Dramas and several independent films.


9 years ago I found a drama agent (Sara Putt - I was Sara’s first VFX client), and became an independent VFX Supervisor for TV Drama and Advertising. Two years ago I decided to focus solely on Advertising and Digital content.

I am available worldwide.