Selection of projects - with significant creative and technical involvement in production.

case study

Remy Martin - One Life/Live Them with Jeremy Renner - HDR environment panorama

Panoramic 9-stop HDR. (original resolution 15k x 5k)

The VFX were mostly seamless transitions between scenes through continuous camera motion with performance cross over. In addition there was a rooftop sequence, where Jeremy is chased by thugs. The rooftop was a full scale built set at Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City.

IMG_1335 copy.jpg

Following a discussion with Jake and Ryoko (the directors Ne-O), we would need an elevated cityscape backdrop covering at least 220 degrees. The only place with high rise buildings in LA is Downtown. After scouting on Google maps I found a car park - with surrounding buildings a fair distance away (a good thing). Once Jake and Ryoko had signed off the location, I went off with an assistant and filmed on the rooftop in 3 positions - at magic hour and then at dusk. In excess of 500 stills were shot to capture the two 220 degree 24K UHD panorama, with 9 stops HDR latitude.

Stitched 220 degree image - original resolution and dynamic range 24K x 5K, 9-stops.

This UHD HDR had to be shot before we filmed on the rooftop set and before the blocking and chase choreography had been established - for logistical reasons - so it was important to cover the entire set background to suit every possible camera POV.

Google Earth search for accessible building roof. Panorama camera positions marked red.

Above is the finished 60". The action was choreographed and filmed AFTER the panorama. Superb transitions and seamless VFX work by Dan Adams and team @ The Mill

Tryptic - Presented during filming to Jake and Ryoko for sign off.

Level of detail in Panorama


case study

Ten Billion - Documentary Feature Film - supervision, concept and storyboard work

Ten Billion - directed by Peter Webber (The Girl with the Pearl Earring/Emperor) - With the world's population heading towards 10 billion, we're having a profound and devastating effect upon the planet. In Ten Billion, Professor Stephen Emmott, Head of Computational Science at Microsoft Research, delivers a stark and forthright message which sets out the unvarnished truth: Earth has a problem, and that problem is us.

Editorially, this powerful film is a presentation to an audience by Prof Stephen Emmott, backed by commissioned motion graphics and strong library footage. Peter wanted the narrative to intercut with the analogy of a huge asteroid hurtling towards Earth - a parallel doomsday scenario, much easier to grasp.

Throughout the film the scene set in outer space is returned to - the narrative for this was developed, designed and supervised by me. I produced a concept image of how we wanted the 1 minute sequence to look and a storyboard of shots. The budget was tight, so it was vital to be clear about what we wanted.


ten billion trailer

Concept board - Developed with Peter, then used for VFX studios bidding.